How the right decor can improve office space

How the right decor can improve office space The visual aspect of an office comes with a range of benefits such as impacting on a business’s success, improving staff well-being and morale, and attracting new employees –to name just a few. Having stylish furniture or decorative lighting in your office is an easy way to […]


Creating the right office for your company’s needs

As a company becomes more successful it often needs to recruit staff to manage the growing workload. Typically, the addition of extra bodies leads bosses to feel that they’ve outgrown their current office space and make an instant decision to relocate—despite this not always being necessary.


Different types of office fit out – shell & core, cat A, cat B

Office fit outs can be broadly categorised into three different types. On this page, we give a definition of those three types and explain the important differences between them.

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Remote working option ‘helps retain staff’, say employers

Independent research by Dale Office highlights how businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of accommodating flexible working arrangements through office design.

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