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We have the best workplace consultancy specialising in providing built environments for our clients. Whether you are moving or refurbishing existing space, we provide a business consultancy led approach to interior design and fit-out.

Our workplace consultancy is at the heart of everything. We take a holistic view of office spaces, understanding the company, its management, its goals and aspirations, the hard facts and most importantly the people that make up the company we are working with. Our workplace consultants are here to assist you with your design and build project.

Our workspace consultants are the direction setters, the facilitators and the educators. 

Feasibility planning

Invest in the planning phase to save time, money and resources

An extremely important phase of any interior design project – the feasibility study’s results will dictate whether or not your project is given the green light.

Part of our consultancy is to undertake extensive research into your company; we asses the current interior and explore design possibilities based on space optimisation, environmental and energy conservation, brand image and employee experience. The project is carefully time lined and any potential pitfalls and red tape are made visible.

After careful analysis, we provide you with a report, complete with our recommendations.
Facts in hand – you are able to make a confident decision.

The benefits of Dale Office Interiors feasibility planning

  • You will receive an objective evaluation of the interior design project and a clear proposal
  • An honest indication of costs, timescales and potential risks before committing to the project
  • Advice and support from Dale Office Interiors which will facilitate your decision making process

Feasibility planning services from Dale Office Interiors

  • Site evaluation
  • Interior design proposal
  • Breakdown of costs
  • Project time line
  • Expected outcomes
Do I stay or do I go?
Your company is growing (which is great) but your your space isn’t like elasticated trousers, it won’t stretch to accommodate that growth. At Dale we can help, our consultants look at every aspect of your current space, your business growth and aspirations. Equipped with this information our consultants advise you on the options available considering fit out vs relocation, discussing your current space and the options regarding relocating to new premises fit for your needs.

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